Hard-Hitters Baseball

The UK recently did a study that surveyed 4,000 youths about their lifestyles: including their habits, past-times, and family life. This study revealed that there was a distinct connection between having your child engaged in social activities, such as sports, and your child not doing drugs. With the emphasis on structure, teamwork, and family values, it is clear that baseball and softball are excellent ways to keep your kid safe, healthy and happy. Hard-Hitters Baseball is here to provide you and your family with links that will not only keep you engaged in the world of Little League Baseball, but hopefully will foster a lifelong passion for your child.

About Hard-Hitters Baseball

Hard-Hitters baseball is run by Steve Watson of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. Steve grew up with a love of baseball, and joined a Little League team himself in 1970. When he and his wife Helen had their son in 1992, Steve realized that he wanted his son to have the same profound experiences that he had from Little League. Currently, Steve and Helen have five children, and four out of five of them play baseball or softball. He coached the town’s middle school softball team from 2004-2012: just enough time to see his daughters graduate from high school. Steve believes that this website is a family affair, just like baseball. So with the help of his daughter, Laura (who is going to school for computer engineering), he provides you with the latest in Little League information so that you and your family can be brought together through the power of baseball.

What Hard-Hitters Baseball Provides

Hard-Hitters brings you the most accurate and up-to-date information on all of the Little League tournaments and championships: both national and worldwide. We only provide information from authority sites, and we encourage community participation in keeping our site accurate. In other words, if you notice something off, let us know! Among the services we will provide on our website are:

  • Dates and scores of ongoing national tournaments
  • Complete lists of all Little League teams that are in the playoffs
  • “Star Selections” : Player highlights, stats, and relevant information
  • Tips on how to better your play (geared especially toward our younger readers)
  • Tips on how to coach better in a competitive environment
  • Local events: meetups, tournaments and baseball-related events around Coeur D’Alene
  • Game highlights and reviews
  • International spotlights: where we highlight and review international teams and game scores


Most importantly, we hope that this site will bring you closer to your family. Baseball is a sport to be enjoyed by all — young, old, and regardless of race, gender or creed. We hope to see you at our site again for Little League news, updates, and fellowship.